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December 1, 2009

Winter Vegetarian Meals

winter vegetarian mealsToday is the first day of winter. For Americans, Canadians, Europeans and other inhabitants of our planet winter is associated with snow, Christmas, holidays, and… frozen vegetables.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are very good alternative for winter vegetarian meals. For most of countries this period means that nothing growthes till spring. Many people think that frozen fruits and vegetables lose most of their vitamins and nutritious elements after being unfroze. But it is not so. Indeed they lose only a small part of vitamins, the rest remains inside.

Moreover all the year round many vegetables are being kept frozen because it’s the only way to keep their freshness and make them be ready for cooking any time.

Provident housewives usually try to make their own stock of frozen vegetables in summer and autumn instead of buying them in stores. Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, corn, and some others are most commonly frozen at home or commercially packaged.

Thus winter cannot limit your possibilities for vegetarian cooking. On the contrary winter holidays are encouraging for trying out and even making up new vegetarian meals.

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