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January 18, 2014

Why Broccoli is Best Over Cauliflowers for Your Diet


Two of the most nutritious vegetables in the cabbage family are Broccoli and Cauliflower. Both of these vegetables are low in calories, have a high content of Vitamin C and A, and are a great source of folate. However, if you ever have to choose between the two vegetables, you would be better off picking broccoli.

Broccoli when steamed has amazing cholesterol lowering abilities. It works together with the bile acids found in your stomach, to lower your cholesterol level. Broccoli also has a host of health benefits which include:

Prevention of Cancer


There is a strong link between inflammation, detoxification, oxidative stress and cancer. These factors work in a complex process to put you at a greater risk of developing cancer. Insufficient detoxification of toxic substances from the body, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation all contribute to a large extent to the development of cancer in an individual. In a very unique way, the nutrients that are found in broccoli, have the ability to the connections between these factors reducing the risk of cancer development. Researchers describe broccoli as a super food containing antioxidant nutrients, anti-inflammatory nutrients, Detox nutrients as well as anti-cancer nutrients!

Boosting Digestion

Broccoli is also known to boost the digestive process. It contains fibres and ITC. Fibre speeds the rate of travel of food along the digestive tract, and ensures consistency of the food as it travels through the intestines. This amazing food also helps to regulate intake of food, by filling you up, helping you lose weight.

The bacterial population in the intestines also benefits greatly from the fibre that is found in Broccoli. Glucosinolates found in Broccoli help to protect the stomach lining by ensuring a healthy bacteria population. This means that bacteria does not cling excessively to the stomach lining causing digestion problems. Broccoli sprouts seem to have very strong support to the stomach in this regard.

Cardiovascular Support


Research to this amazing food has shown that there is a strong correlation between the intake of broccoli and decrease in heart attacks or strokes. This is because the fibre found in broccoli links with bile acids found in the stomach in a manner that locks the bile in the intestine, and excretes it through bowel movement. This in turn forces the liver to use the draw upon the cholesterol reserves in the body, reducing your chances of suffering from a heart attack. You may not gain any points by mentioning you take broccoli regularly on your EHIC application, but your heart will definitely thank you.

Broccoli consumption has also been shown to play an essential role in ensuring the health of your eyes and while there has been mention of the same property in cauliflower, this has not been confirmed. Broccoli is also great for your skin as it helps to counteract the harmful effects of excess exposure to the sun. It is a great source of Vitamin A and K, and while it is not a source of Vitamin D it does help in the synthesis of this vitamin.

Regular consumption of broccoli, at least 5 times a week, will ensure you get the very best out of this super food.

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