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July 8, 2009

What Makes People Become Vegetarian?

become_vegetarianThis time let’s step aside from vegetarian recipes for a while and think about veganism in general.

There is a common opinion that people who don’t eat meat… they are called vegetarian… do this because they think and care about animals. They consider killing and eating any of them as something cruel and something that does not belong to a human being. Those who don’t understand and don’t support such point of view call it ridiculous because Mother Nature created us in such a way that we are supposed to eat meat.

Have you noticed that veganism has become more popular with wide appearance of meat and dairy products substitutes? Indeed thanks to modern technologies people have a wide choice of vegetarian products today. Of course it has a great influence on the number of vegetarians increase. And we shouldn’t forget about the freedom of speech. You may wonder what it has in common with our subject. Well, think of those thousands of people who are not shamed to wear a costume of some animal (pig and chicken costumes are the most popular once) and ask passing people not to eat ‘them’ because they also want to live. And they do this not for money, but for all animals that inhabit our planet.

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