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November 11, 2010

Vegetarianism in the Matters of Religion and Ethics

Vegetarianism in the Matters of ReligionPreferences in food are subject to discussions on a “local” and international scale. Sometimes they even take a form of a conflict when people who live together have different opinions of what to eat and what should be completely excluded from the daily foods. It happens when for example one or several members of small community become vegetarians.

At the meantime it could be a matter of religious and ethic contradictions. Imagine the situation when a person who has strong vegetarian beliefs based on his/her religion (such as Hinduism or Buddhism) is for some reason lives in the surrounding of meat-lovers. Not everyone is able to take it easy. And there is commonly a tendency among people to speak in support their opinion. Here comes a sort of a conflict: defend what you think is right or show tolerance in attitude to other person opinion. If one person likes strawberry and the other one hates it – it’s not a problem because none them will argue much that it’s worth or not worth eating. But then eating (or mostly not eating) something is based on religion discussions of this matter could be offencive for one of the parties.

My new friends have opened a cafe where they cook only Indian vegetarian meals. All staff there are Krishnaists (they used to be Christians). They made this choice absolutely consciously. But they don’t treat people who eat meat as evil people. And it’s great when we are able to be tolerant in attitude to other people.

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