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October 5, 2009

Vegetarian Shoes… and Bags

vegetarian shoesSurprised with the topic? Good. Not surprised – than you are a vegetarian, which is also good.

We have already mentioned and not once that being a vegetarian not only means refuse from eating meat – it’s a way of life. Truly vegetarians don’t eat meat and call the rest of the world follow their animal-friendly way of life. More over they support policy that prohibits killing animals even for fashion industry purposes. It means that they do not wear clothes and shoes that are made out of animals.

Vegan shoes are only a part of vegan fashion. Cruelty free shoes include boots, trainers, sandals, belts, jeans and para boots. All leather free, ethical, animal friendly, cruelty free. Vegan shoes are becoming popular as an alternative to leather.

Vegan shoes is not a small business any more. Thousands of people are interested in buying vegetarian shoes and clothes, and have only one problem – they don’t know where to find it. Now they can order it on the web, because casual shops of this kind are not that often met in our cities. To attract more and more customers vegan shoe-makers even involve celebrities into their advertising campaigns. And it works!

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