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July 28, 2009

Vegetarian Philosophy: Upbringing or Mentality

vegetarian philosophyThere are a number of features according to which we distinguish one person from another one or combine people into groups. To these features we refer social belonging, political and religious views, and preferences in food – however strange it may sound. We all know the saying: ‘We are what we eat’ Of course not everyone stick to this rule (if it can be called a rule). But fir many people it really matters, and they even chose their partners according to it.

Vegetarianism is extremely popular today in both Western and Eastern countries. It’s a way of life, thinking, and perception of surrounding world for millions of people. These people consciously refuse from eating all kinds of meat and/or dairy products not only because they consider it deleterious for their health, but also because their mentality does not allow them doing this. For many people these principles are developed due to the peculiarities of upbringing. But it doesn’t mean that they carry this way of life against their will. Each of us is free to chose how to live and what to eat.

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