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November 4, 2009

Vegetarian Meals: Pics and Videos

vegetarian meals-pics and videosHave you noticed that it’s much easier and more interesting to start cooking and try out those vegetarian meals that are accompanied by a picture of what you get at the end or better a series of pictures that show you the process step-by-step or possibly even a video?

Posting pictures that show the process of cooking is a very good and rather simple way not only to make a site more attractive for visitors, but also to make vegetarianism in general more interesting for people who don’t know much and do not follow this philosophy.

This approach is based on two very simple psychological things:

1. for a human mind it’s much easier to perceive information if it is divided into several logical points;
2. text combined with pictures opens up creative thinking, and consequently makes people get deeper impression of a certain piece of information

There is also one important aspect why people like step-by-step pictures and video recipes: with their help they realise that the author really cooked this meal and most probably tasted it.

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