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November 12, 2009

Vegetarian Meals and Their Colors

vegetarian meals and their colorsHave you noticed that you pay a lot of your attention to the way your food looks like?

Colors of food and consequently colors of vegetarian meals play the great role in the popularity of this or that meal. More colorful means more attractive (though not always tastier indeed).

There is such opinion that vegetarian meals gain their popularity mainly thank to colorful fruits and vegetables they are made of. Well, partially it is so, but sometimes colors are used only for decorating purposes. By the way using different colors for decorating vegetarian meals is a very good and simple way to make children eat them (we all know that kids don’t really like vegetables), and participate in the process of cooking.

If we take a look deeper into the subject we can find out that different colors often mean content of some vitamins, minerals, and/or elements. Thus colors give us a hint about what there is inside of our favourite fruits and vegetables…

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