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July 2, 2013

Vegetarian Barbeque Recipes


Summer is almost back upon us, and that means that it’s time to break out the barbeque – but what does that mean if you’re a vegetarian? Even if you don’t indulge in meat, there is a wide array of fantastic veggie-based alternatives to just about any and every meat that you could enjoy in the great outdoors, if only you know what to look for!

If you’re a vegetarian looking to have some grilling adventures this summer, check out these three options for a vegetarian barbeque:

1. Veggie Burgers

There are few among us that don’t enjoy a well-grilled burger loaded up with vegetables and condiments, and keeping a meat-free diet doesn’t mean that you have to be left out! With vegetarianism on the rise around the world, there are a number of companies that have moved to fill the niche, and that has given us a long list of veggie burgers to choose from, allowing anyone to enjoy a juicy charbroiled hamburger.

From international brands like Yves and Gardein, to local brands that whip up their own veggie-based alternatives, you’ll find that your local supermarket has no shortage of options to choose from. While soy is a popular mainstay for veggie burgers, you’ll also find those based on compressed mushrooms, assorted peppers, and a wide range of other vegetables, producing a variety of tastes and textures from among which you can choose your favorites!

2. Veggie Dogs


Just like the hamburger, plain old wieners are also a summertime favorite, producing hot dogs big and small to enjoy straight off of the grill. And, just like the veggie burgers detailed above, there are a slew of vegetarian options out there to keep those who would like to avoid the scrap meat that goes into the common wiener in favor of something a little more healthy, and a lot more ethical where animal rights are concerned.

A peek around your local supermarket will reveal many options for so-called veggie dogs, ranging from soy to compressed vegetables, just like their veggie burger counterparts.

3. Gardein Chick’n Strips


Definitely ranking as all-time favorites among many vegetarians, the Gardein brand of Chick’n strips, soy based alternatives to ordinary breaded chicken pieces, go very well on the grill; in fact, many studies have shown that even meat eaters prefer them to the real thing much of the time!

Whether you want a chicken burger replacement, a uniquely breaded hot dog, or just a Chick’n strip fresh off of the grill, Gardein gives you a multitude of options every single time you open up the barbeque!

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