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April 6, 2013

Vegan Gluten And Lactose Free Chocolate Cupcake Recipe


One of the main things I miss from a non lactose/gluten free diet is cakes. Milk and butter are such an integral part of baking we don’t really have many ways around this. However after some research and constant tweaking and tinkering in the kitchen I have found a great chocolate cupcake recipe that is sure to please.

One of the important things to check for when doing this recipe – is that your cocoa mix is vegetarian and vegan friendly and doesn’t contain milk or “traces of milk”. Once that is out of the way you should be fine. cadburys have a great coca mix that is in a red tub. This recipe makes great cupcakes and you can do whatever you like with them after as if they were real normal cupcakes. You can even add in fruit or nuts to change the recipe up a little.

You Will Make:

12 muffin size
24 mini
16 normal cupcakes.

You Will Need

350g self raising flour (gluten free of desired)
1tea spoon Baking Powder
135ml Sunflower Oil
375ml Water
1tbsp demerara sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tsp cocoa powder. (or to taste once you’ve tried this recipe out)
Other flavours of your choice if preferred

Prepare by:

Getting your oven preheated to 190 Or Gas Mark 5 and lining your tins and cases as needed. Silicone trays need less greasing but I would still recommend adding a little.

Mix the first of your dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. This would be your baking powder and flour at this stage. Now mix in the caster sugar and cocoa powder and give it a good mix. Any other dry ingredients should also be added in at this stage. Make sure it is all mixed together well. A quick mix with a hand whisk should be more than enough.

Now add in the wet ingredients you have. Mix in the oil and water slowly. Once you have a nice thick mix you can add in vanilla essence too. You can also add in food colouring too if you’re using it.

Now fill your cupcake cases about one half to a third full as they will rise during the cooking process.

7-10 Minutes in a mini cupcake maker
10-12 in the oven for mini cupcakes
12-15 for normal cupcake size
15-20 for muffin sized cakes.

Check the cakes are cooked through by using a skewer in the middle of the cakes and seeing if it comes out clean.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes when done and then transfer to a wire rack.

These cakes can be iced and decorated as normal.

Gareth is a writer and passionate baker when he has the time and is writing for Cotswold Fayre who are high quality food wholesalers supplying food across the UK to many stores.

Image Credit: 1 – Smart Photo Stock.

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