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May 28, 2013

Top Mushroom Vegetarian Dishes


Versatile, healthy, and utterly delicious, mushrooms are often a major part of any vegetarian diet, whether they are eaten fresh, or in the form of compressed mushrooms used to create everything from veggie burger patties to vegan soup bases.

If you’re a mushroom loving vegetarian, then you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you here! Take a quick look at three of the top mushroom vegetarian dishes:

1. Artichoke and Mushroom French Bread Toasts

If you need a mushroom dish that is both delicious and simple, then artichoke and mushroom french bread toasts may be just the thing for you. Simply oil a few slices of french bread, place sliced artichoke and mushrooms on them, and then cover with the shredded cheese of your choice. Drizzle a bit of Italian dressing over them, then place in the oven on 350 degrees for 4-6 minutes, keeping an eye on them to be sure the bread doesn’t burn.

Besides being absolutely delicious and very healthy, artichoke and mushroom french bread toasts are also versatile enough to serve as a light snack, or a main course, depending on the company and time of day; simply cook more and larger toasts as needed!

2. Mushroom Omelette


Assuming that eggs are still a part of your diet, using them to whip up a delicious vegetarian mushroom omelette is a tasty way to get a healthy dose of protein and iron, not to mention all of the goodies that the vegetables enclosed within will offer!

How you make your omelette is up to you; use as many eggs as you would like, and cook to a consistency that suits your tastes. Once your eggs are ready, cover them in mushrooms, chopped onions, and a dash of salt and pepper, before layering the entire concoction with the sticky cheese necessary to hold things together. Fold, place on a plate, and enjoy!

3. Mushroom Cups


For something really unique, take a large portabello mushroom and carefully remove its top, turning it upside in order to create an edible bowl. Fill that bowl with the vegetables and spices of your choice, topping things off with cheese, and then bake in the oven at 300 degrees for 6-8 minutes in order to crisp things up and melt your cheese.

As if being delightfully simple to cook weren’t enough, the fact that you have full creative control over what goes into your mushroom cups means that you can make a variety of meals, offering up a variety of tastes and nutritional content, all from the same starting point!

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