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September 5, 2013

The Ultimate Salad Dressing – How To Make Your Very Own Flavored Olive Oils In Five Easy Steps


Olive oil seems to have made its way into the vast majority of kitchens nowadays. Most people appreciate the health benefits of cooking with and eating olive oil as part of a balanced diet. Oils are also great to use as dressings for salads, as part of a marinade and even for dips for cooked, hot breads. However, one thing that many people never consider is producing their very own flavored oils that can easily be used for any of these tasks. Not only will a few bottles of flavored oil brighten up your kitchen, they will also go a long way to brightening up your plate and helping certain foods to taste much better.

You can flavor oils with a vast array of different ingredients, including herbs, spices, and even fruit and vegetables. There are also a couple of ways in which to flavor oil – you can either heat it up and add your ingredients, which will typically change the flavor of the oil immediately or the more popular method is to add a variety of ingredients to a bottle of olive oil, leave it for a few weeks, and allow nature to take its course. What follows is an easy five step method to making flavored olive oils.

How to Make Flavored Olive Oils

Step 1 – If you are simply looking to add one flavor then measure out your ingredient and add it to the oil or of course you can mix a variety of ingredients. One of the most popular single ingredients is garlic – simply finely chop 2 to 3 three cloves of garlic and add to the oil. You may also wish to try another popular ingredient, which is a mixture of fresh herbs. Measure out either a single herb or a variety into 2 cups.
Step 2 – Add 2 cups of olive oil to a saucepan and add your 2 cups of fresh herbs. You should heat the mixture of oil and herbs on a medium heat until bubbles start to form.
Step 3 – You should then reduce the heat all the way down and then simply steep the oil mixture for a couple of hours. After this period of time remove the oil from the heat.
Step 4 – You will need to strain the oil through a sieve and cloth or you can even use a coffee filter. You should add this to a heat resistant bowl or jar and then allow it to cool for up to 45 minutes.
Step 5 – Once the oil has cooled down strain it once again, but this time into an air-tight bowl or jar. You can choose to store your flavored oil at room temperature or even in the fridge. If you choose to store your flavored oil in the refrigerator you will actually find that it will retain its overall quality for a far longer period of time.


Many people also choice to not strain the ingredients and allow them to live in the oil whole – this is also fine, but with this method you should always store the oil in your refrigerator and never for any longer than three to four weeks.

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