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May 7, 2013

The History Of The Banana As Food


The banana was used as food first in Southeast Asia, and it is widely believed that in some parts of Malaysia it was initially used as food. From there the banana  became one of the most popular fruits and foods in the world. The banana was the first fruit cultivated by humans, and it was first cultivated in some areas of Papua New Guinea. The first historic proof that the banana was available for food was in the writings of Buddhists in the 6th century BC. The evidence of bananas is also available in old books of other religions such as Hinduism, Islam, and the Romans. However, it is believed that the color of the banana in ancient times was different from what we see today. The bananas at that time were red and green; however, the banana we eat today was discovered in 1836 by Jean Francois in Jamaica.  

How the Name “Banana” Started

The study shows that it was Arab traders who developed the name “banana” for this fruit. Initially, the size of the banana was very small, just as large as a human finger. In Arabic “banan” means “figure.” Some other experts disagree with this theory, and they believe the name “banana” came from an African language. There is a group of experts that believes that the name “banana “ was derived from its Guinean name “banema.”  

Bananas Are Mutants

Initially, the banana did not have as sweet a taste as we believe now. The historic banana was red and green, and there is a variety of that banana still available known as plantains which we use in cooking. The yellow banana is just a mutant strain of that original banana. The sweet banana became a more popular fruit all over the world because it does not need to be cooked and you can eat it raw. Though this sweet banana was originally from the Jamaican Caribbean, but soon it became popular all over the world, and the  cultivation of this fruit begins in the different parts of the world.  

Banana As a Staple Fruit


In 1876, the sweet banana was introduced in a fruit exhibition in Philadelphia, USA. In that exhibition, people liked this new fruit so much,and each banana was sold for 10 cents. Ever since then, the banana was considered a staple fruit, and at the start of the 20th century, the import and export of bananas took place at commercial grounds.

Today, the banana is not only a major fruit all over the world, but it is an important part of our food. The cultivation of banana is taking place all over the world especially in subtropical and tropical regions. There are many recipes for banana available, and you can include them in cakes, desserts, and even with snacks. You can find bananas in every part of the world, and people of all ages and genders love to eat this delicious, nutritious fruit. People love to eat bananas when they are unable to eat breakfast or lunch.

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  2. Banana diet contains large number of enzymes, which helps in speeding up the process of metabolism and plays a vital role in process of digestion. Metabolism plays a vital role in killing of saturated fats piled under the belly and thighs, thereby providing perfect physique to the person with slim and healthy body.

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