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March 2, 2011

Simple Ways to Go Vegetarian

go-vegetarianIf you are considering a change in diet and lifestyle, there are some easy ways to become a vegetarian that will make the transition better and more enjoyable. Before switching to this kind of diet, make sure that you are ready for the change.

1. Make the conscious decision that this is what you truly want. Vegetarianism is not for everyone, since most people genuinely love meat. Do not begin the process just for the sake of it or to prove a point. Some reasons for choosing the vegetarian diet is to improve or restore health, curb allergic reactions and lose weight. Know your reasons for this endeavor and stick with it diligently even in the face of temptation.

2. Obtain vegetarian recipes from friends or online or buy a good vegetarian cookbook. Look through the recipes and select the ones that look most delicious and test them out. Remember that going vegetarian does not mean that you must eat all raw food, even though this is an option within vegetarianism. Simple foods like mashed potatoes, grilled fruits and salads are all part of the vegetarian diet, so start with the easy appealing recipes first.

3. Choose one day of the week to eat purely vegetarian meals, until you gradually integrate the diet throughout the week and eliminate meat entirely. This makes the switch to vegetarian very easy, such that before you know it, every day of the week will be a healthy vegetarian day.

On the other hand, if cooking is not possible, order vegetarian meals from restaurants until cooking becomes routine. There are several restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes only and all eating places have vegetarian options on their menus. This can even be a great way to visit new restaurants and find a favorite for your new vegetarian lifestyle.

Another easy way to achieve this goal is to find meat substitutes that look and are cooked the same way as meat. Soya chunks, for example, are excellent meat replacements and they are just as appetizing and filling. Bocca is also great for chili as a replacement for ground beef, so tofu is not the only option here. Try as many available meat substitutes as you experiment with new vegetarian recipes.

Once meat is removed from your diet, consider eliminating other animal products such as eggs and dairy products. This step is totally up to the individual depending on their experience thus far in their vegetarian lifestyle. Meat is the easiest to substitute, while dairy and eggs can be removed for health purposes. Soy milk and rice milk are ideal substitutes in such a case. Learn new ways to make soy milk taste better by incorporating it into meals. Once you grow accustom to its taste, may be you can consume it on its own.

Join a forum to learn about others’ experiences and ideas about leading a vegetarian lifestyle. Support from these groups always makes the transition easier and presents endless opportunities for creativity in vegetarian recipes.

This is a guest post written by Haliyma Barrow.  Haliyma holds a Master of Public Administration from New York University. Haliyma loves to contribute articles about vegetarian diet and other nutrition guide.

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