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June 7, 2010

Positive Thinking for Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Positive ThinkingWhen you start cooking what do you mainly concentrate your attention at? That’s right – at ingredients. Well, what and how much are really important for all vegetarian meals. We think about vitamins, minerals, and number of calories (if necessary for a weight loss diet or just out of curiosity).

There is one more important ingredient for absolutely all meals no matter what exactly you cook. We talk about your thoughts during the process of cooking.  Someone may think that it’s ridiculous, but it really makes sense. Our food is not only a combination of ingredients that go through a certain processing. It’s also a very strong energy that could be both positive (if you cook with love and there are only positive thoughts in your head and in your heart) and negative (if you argue or think over and over some troubles and/or offences).

As I said energy of a person who cooks is strong enough to be passed on to the food. So, if something goes wrong don’t let your negative words and emotions go out. Smile and you will find a way to save your healthy vegetarian meal and its healthy energy.

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  4. Something to remember when things are going wrong. Thanks for this!

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