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February 8, 2010

Planning Vegetarian Meals for Valentine’s Day

Planning vegetarian Meals for Valentie's DaySt. Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Truly vegetarians who have already found their Valentines should prepare for this day in advance. We all expect something romantic and usual for this day. Romantic dinner and small but nice presents are its integral parts.

You know that if you just turn on your imagination you can make even very simple vegetarian meals look romantic and show your feelings in such way. By the way cooking is a way to express tender feeling not only for women but fir men as well. I would say especially for men who didn’t use to cook in general but who really want to make this evening special and surprise their girls.

By the way this holiday is a great chance to join vegetarianism (if you still haven’t) just to show how much you love someone.

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  1. Ann on 04.17.2010 at 1:02 pm | permalink
  2. So a couple of vegetarian recipes…how about a full meal menu?
    I have a guest coming for four days – Memorial Day weekend – who informed me she is vegetarian although she does eat milk and cheese. It’ll probably be too warm for soup and I have trouble serving her potatoe pasties and calling it a meal.

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