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January 7, 2010

Orthodox Christmas Day

Orthodox Christmas DayToday a lot of people celebrate Christmas. 7th of January is a Christmas day according to Julian Calendar and for those who go to Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe.

If you live in Western Europe, United States or Canada and you are vegetarian – no one is going to be surprised about that. Just like you are not going to ask your friend why he/she decided to become a vegetarian. It’s an absolutely normal thing at our time.

In Eastern Europe the situation is different. Its roots go deep into history, weather conditions (in some regions fruits and vegetables do not grow because it’s too cold there) and development of countries in this region.

Going back to our topic. Based on the said above we can say that it’s hardly possible to find old vegetarian Christmas traditions. But there are new ones and this can’t but makes us feel happy.

Let’s light a candle for all animals who die on Christmas…

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