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December 10, 2011

Organic Works as for Leonardo DiCaprio

dicaprio-organicProbably one of the most versatile and talented actors of our time, Leonardo DiCaprio, born Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio on November 11, 1974 and was named after the famous painter after kicking in his mother’s tummy while she was looking at a Da Vinci painting, is known not only for the worldwide phenomenon, that is Titanic, and a host of other notable roles in films including Blood Diamond, Inception, Catch Me if You Can, and his earliest films Who’s Eating Gilbert Grape? and Marvin’s Room, but also for his much-celebrated relationships with supermodels, Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli.

If the supermodels are onto him you would think this hotshot must be doing something amazing worthy of top celebrity weight loss honors , right? Not to mention he is very bold in modifying his body shape to fit a specific role that he is currently working on. What are his secrets? Read on.

To get into shape and fit the bill of his latest role, he worked with personal trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche and here is what Leonardo normally does for workout:

  • First Day – military presses, straight bar curls and bench presses
  • Second Day – countless sit-ups and pull ups to tone and condition the muscles (both workout will be repeated for two more days for better results)

He tops this workout with an organic diet and, when he is not into crash dieting for a new role, he eats a very healthy balanced diet. Probably inspired by his love for the environment, this guy consumes only organic food, which are not treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals that takes a while for the body to process as they are not naturally contained in the body.

An organic diet also keeps a person away from preservatives, like salt, and additives that are highly present in processed foods and pose risk for health issues like hypertension and cancer. By going organic, Leonardo not only stays healthy, but stays fitter, too!

Kate is a health blogger for Mobile Phone Finder, a money-saving tool to compare mobile phones for Australians.

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by credit_00


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