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November 19, 2009

National Vegetarian Traditions

national vegetarian traditionsEvery nation has its own traditions and cooking traditions as well. Mostly they are based on the climate and historical development of this or that territory. Some food traditions are so old and even go to ancient time that no one can tell when exactly they appeared. This can be said about some national vegetarian traditions. The older traditions are the more popular they are around the world. Mostly this refers to Asian vegetarian meals; they are famous on all continents (except may be Africa).

The most interesting thing about all this is secrets which all national vegetarian meals are full of. Some of them are kept strictly and hand down from father to a son… which makes them even more attractive.

Today it’s hardly possible to invent some new vegetarian meal. If you think and search properly you can find at least one that is for 99.9% like yours. Interesting, isn’t it?

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