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July 16, 2009

Longer Life without Meat?

life-without-meatSome people claim that vegetarians (especially those who do not eat any meat at all, even fish) look better, healthier, and younger… and live longer.

How could this be explained? To their opinion everything is very simple. They say that meat contains some materials that make both human being and meat-eating animals grow old faster.

Of course we all know that meat contains a lot of protein that is so important for our body because it generates energy which we need for living. Besides, meat contains well digestible form of ferrum and vitamin B12.

Many people who are trying to “turn into” vegetarians in a while start feeling difficulties with not eating meat and consequently feel like “Help! I want meat!”, and fall to the ground. And certainly they can’t believe that lie without meat could be longer because it seems to them that they are already dieing. Well, of course not all people are able to become and stay truly vegetarian. But some of them just don’t know what products they can substitute meat with.

Going back to the subject we can say that possibly vegetarians live longer not (or not only) because they do not eat meat, but also because they think and care more about eating healthier food.

Have you ever thought What Makes People Become vegetarian?

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