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September 17, 2009

Is Coffee a Vegetarian Drink?

coffeevegetarian philosophy often suggests to reduce drinking coffee to minimum or refuse from it at all. But it’s not due to the reason that coffee is not a vegetarian drink. It certainly is, it’s just that drinking coffee every day and in huge amounts could be deteriorating for your health in general. But veganism does not prohibit it. The reason why this question is aroused from time to time by experienced vegetarians and newbies in this sphere is only about health issues. Vegetarians are trying to eat and drink as healthy as possible, and coffee is surely not the healthiest drink. Of course it is of great help for so many of us especially in the morning when it’s really hard to wake up your body and brains.

Anyway if you used to drink coffee you can keep doing it, just try to drink it in smaller amounts. Remember that coffee makes you a sort of addicted to it. But at the same time you do not brake any vegetarian rules.

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