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January 14, 2014

How Starting Your Day With Veggie Smoothies


When 12 o’clock roles around and your stomach begins to grumble, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A delicious pizza or possibly some macaroni and cheese are the usual culprits. But wait? What about vegetables? And so your vegetables are put off till the next meal and then the next day until sooner or later it’s been days since you’ve had a good hearty vegetable-filled day of meals. Moreover you begin to feel the troubles of having not eaten vegetables for so long. You begin to feel more tired, groggier, and tenser.

You have less alertness and so begin to push the caffeine hard, maybe two, three, four cups of coffee a day, and yet you only feel temporary alertness. Such grotesque results are wait you’ll expect when you deprive yourself of the benefits of the regular consumption of wholesome vegetables. It’s really cumbersome isn’t it? To prepare more food for yourself. Its hard already making the meals you are, when eating out is so much easier.


An easy way of overcoming your vegetable deprivation is through blending several veggies with some fruit for a quick burst of vitamins to start your day. Smoothies allow you to blend several vegetables, add some sweetness to them and gulp them down quickly and be out the door without the efforts of chewing which can at times seem to be such a consuming task. By doing so you can easily obtain several vegetable sources throughout the day by preparing two or three blender shakes or making one mega-shake with several vegetables and some fruits. Now you have that potent energy boost that comes with consuming a sortie of life-essential vitamins and minerals that will your body in functioning as the machine that it is meant to function as.

Moreover, you’ll conveniently be able to gain the benefits of consuming a variety of vegetables in the amounts that you are supposed to be consuming by health authorities. One of these is the ability to prevent acidic pH levels in your body which can lead to risks to a variety of diseases. In turn it allows the adequate consumption of the proper amount of precursors to key enzymes that facilitate proper energy use in the body, preventing feelings of grogginess and lethargy related to low vegetable consumption.


The beauty of this method is that all you need is a blender or a juicer. Just prop in the vegetables that you want consume, add a little fruit, and some extra natural sweetener like honey, and blend away. Granted this takes a lot of guessing with mixing and matching, however there are always some pleasant surprises. Try fresh spinach with granny smith apples and a spoonful of honey for a delicious morning energy drink to start your day.

So sit back and relax on a couch with the leg cushion out and juice your way to better health. It’s simple, its effective, and it’s a means to getting your vegetables in without stress. So next time you go and grab that pizza or that macaroni and cheese, make some room for a tall glass of veggie juice for an all-round meal to excellent health.

Donna Lee has been a nutritionist for almost two decades and now teaches and writes about good nutrition on DearJane blog.

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