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November 10, 2013

How Eating Vegan Can Improve Your Legal Practice


The phenomena is becoming so widespread that it’s even affecting football players! And yes, even they claim to have increased energy and stamina because of their vegan diet. Perhap you’ve not heard of the superpowers that come from becoming a vegan, but just finish this blog and you’ll find out. A vegan is one who does not eat animals or animal products and instead eats vegetables, beans, wheat products, soy products, and anything else that is not a product or by-product of an animal. What people are finding is that less meat and dairy and, instead, increased amounts of vegetables and fruits leads to a multitude of benefits ranging from your energy levels to your body odor.

As we work more and more in office settings, sitting for long periods of time, and working on computers which require little to know physical exertion, lawyers, clerical workers, and office professionals will all have to learn to live a lifestyle that breeds a healthy body and mind. Perhaps sweets and snacks are your incentive for getting through the day, but here are some new incentives you’d get from eating a vegan diet or, if you don’t want to go to that extreme, decreasing your consumptions of meat and dairy while increasing your consumptions of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.

Increased Energy


Tony Gonzalez, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, went vegan in 2008 at the age of 31. It was his 11th season in the NFL and he had recently heard of a book called “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell. The study showed that people in China who have a plant based diet, live longer and do not get life threatening diseases as much as people who eat a meat based diet. The next season he ate oatmeal, fruit, and walnuts for breakfast, had protein shakes after practice, and large salads with nutritionally dense greens for dinner. He broke a touchdown record for tight ends (although the Falcons together lost more games than they won) and he reported having more energy throughout the game than before he went vegan.

Other vegans report the same benefits of increased energy, the need for less sleep, and a feeling of lightness. With more vegetables, you get more fiber and less saturated fat. Your body is naturally more clean and your body flushes more out with healthier bowel movements which gives you that feeling of lightness. Imagine being at work and not falling into the 3 o’clock zombie wave. Instead, you feel increased energy levels throughout your day.

Disease Prevention

One topic that numerous articles and books have been published on is the prevention of disease related to a vegan diet. When you decrease the amount of meat you eat and increase vegetables, you get rid of cholesterol and saturated fats that clog your arteries. This prevents diabetes and promotes cardiovascular health. The better your body is functioning the healthier your body stays. The obvious benefit at the office will be your continuous energy and health which will help you cultivate a continuum of enthusiasm for what you do with each moment you are at work and living.

Decreased Body Odor and Bad Breath


Have you ever worked with someone who had rank breath? It’s hard to feel comfortable around the person without wanting to try and spray mouthwash in their mouth when they are looking. Vegans often experience a decrease in the amount of body odor and bad breath. Part of this is the decrease in toxins found in meat products and the lightness of vegetables and fruits. That person with the bad breath probably eats a lot of sweets and meat, drinks a lot of coffee, and does not eat enough vegetables. Try eating vegan for a week and see how you smell.

Physical Appearance

Ever seen those before and after pictures of cigarette smokers? Well part of aging is the toxins that our body has to filter. When we smoke cigarettes, the body has to filter more toxins which means more work and more aging. When you eat a predominantly vegan diet, your body has less toxins to worry about and can therefore, work on improving your appearance. This means your hair and nails will be cleaner, your skin will be more radiant, and your body will lose unneeded fat.

In The Office

Part of being a good employee and cultivating a happy work space isn’t just about being a hard worker, but having a healthy lifestyle that shines through while you’re at work. Keeping your body light and your confidence up will help you be that vegan superhero at the office.

Jeremy Smith is a writer on behalf of The Mcminn Law Firm in Austin, Texas. No stranger to the powers of veganism, he enjoys his work when he feels healthy.

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