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March 28, 2013

Family Dinner: How to Deal with Non-Vegetarian Relatives


In a modern world filled with more types and varieties of food than you can shake a stick (or a fork) at, making healthy choices has quickly lead to seven billion people around the world with eating preferences so different that they often don’t connect, leading to trouble at the dinner table when everyone comes together. This is particularly true where the rising prevalence of vegetarianism is concerned; there are more than 30 million human herbivores in North America alone, making for an outnumbered, but still impressive group.

Whether you’re a meat-eater entertaining herbivores, or a vegetarian playing host to carnivores, you’ll need to be quick on your feet if you really want to make everyone happy! Here are three tips on how to deal with non-vegetarian relatives:

1. Heavy and Hot Wins the Race


When it comes to pleasing meat eaters with non-meat dishes, the best approach outside of offering every imaginable variety of faux meat is to focus on providing your guests with hot and heavy dishes. Meals like pasta with a thick sauce, and bakes and casseroles with hearty vegetables like potatoes make for a rich, nicely textured meal that will have them forgetting all about the meat that they’re missing out on.

Sure, there may be a guest that misses the ground meat in their pasta sauce, or another that would normally like a juicy steak with their serving of casserole, but the majority will be won over by the new tastes that they’ll be experiencing, not to mention the full belly that they’ll be sporting afterwards.

2. Switch Things Up

Giving you the best possible chance of pleasing everyone, even those aforementioned picky eaters that recognize your table’s missing meat, you’ll want to be sure to whip up a relatively long menu in order to be sure that you cater to every taste without the need to resort to meat. What you serve is up to you; meat eater or not, no one can resist the sheer attractiveness of a buffet!

3. Above All Else, Be Respectful and Understanding


No matter what tactics you use to please the taste buds of your company, carnivore and otherwise, the most effective tool at your disposal in your battle to make everyone happy is simple understanding. The world is a varied place full of equally varied people, and the many cultures, ideas, goals, religions, beliefs, and views that we share between us mean that being a good global citizen is really all you need to make everyone at your table feel welcome – though delicious food runs as a very close second to this positive attitude!

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