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February 7, 2010

Do Meat-Lovers Feel Comfortable Eating with Vegetarians?

Do Meat-Lovers Feel Comfortable Eating with VegetariansIt often happens that at big parties, birthday or wedding dinners when a lot of people with different tastes are gathered at one place there are both vegetarians and meat-lovers.

And both of these tow groups of people feel comfortable in attitude to each other because at solemn occasions people hardly pay attention to what the rest is eating, they are more interested in what’s happening around rather than in food.

But when a dinner is limited to a small number of people (such as five or seven), and some of them vegetarians and some are meat-lovers the latter sometimes feel uncomfortable. And you know why? Because they think that they make vegetarians they dinner with feeling uncomfortable. Funny, right? Vegetarians in their turn can treat this in different ways. People are so strange animals…

If you also feel uncomfortable in the described situation then why don’t you think of becoming a vegetarian?

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