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July 13, 2010

Colored Pasta

colored pastaYou can’t even imagine how many ways there are to make home-made pasta look and taste different! For instance, if you add some colouring agent to it… natural agent of course, like chocolate… Let’s think about colors.

Green color
You can made pasta look green with the help of spinach or broccoli. Just chop it properly and add to the dough. How much? – It’s up to you. The more you add the deeper color and taste you get.

Red color
For this you will need beet roots. You can use both boiled and smashed beet roots as well as juice of fresh beet roots.

Orange color
This color you can get by adding carrot, curry, red pepper or tomato. Each of these products has its own tint of orange color, and of course has great influence on the taste of pasta in general. Choose the one you like most.

Yellow color
If you add some saffron or lemon juice you will get yellow pasta: golden-yellow in the first case and light-yellow in the second.

And finally chocolate…
Yes, chocolate pasta is a special vegetarian meal. It’s mostly used in cooking desserts. When making it we add cocoa powder and sugar, and get brown pasta with gentle chocolate taste.

What else color could you made your pasta? Please share.

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