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August 27, 2009

Clean Food – Close to Vegetarian

clean foodCan you believe that some or no so many people consider meat as a clean food? Yes, it doesn’t make any sense. You can find some lists of clean foods on the web that include chicken, tuna, eggs, and turkey. And t the same time these list-makers compare themselves with vegetarians.

Well, at least we agree at one thing that fat-containing food is definitely not clean.

Clean food is organic food first of all. And what could be more organic than dishes cooked from naturally grown fruits and vegetables? This issue is a subject of numerous publications readers, contributors and supporters of which share the belief that consuming conventionally produced products is not good for you.

Clean food is for people with organic lifestyle. Of course many of this theory supporters believe that they do not necessarily have to be vegetarians to eat clean food. May be from a certain point of view they are right: meat of a calf from organically clean cow and with organically clean fodder could be considered as clean. But it still remain a beef! So, we can say with confidence that vegetarian food is more clean than those ones that are considered to be so.

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