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November 24, 2009

Carrot Festivals

carrot festivalWhen we get involved into something new we usually try to get as much information about it as possible.

Thus people who are new to vegetarianism start looking for best recipes of vegetarian meals. They are looking for information about vegetarianism and veganism.

But not so many of them direct their attention to peculiar fruits and vegetables, history of their appearance in their country, and social activities connected with them. The last one should surprise you at least a bit, right?

Have you ever heard about carrot festivals? You have! Then good for you. So, you must know that they take place in different countries including USA (Holtville in California), Canada (Bradford), and France (Croissy, not far from Paris, and small town of Creances in Normandy). There is also a carrot museum in Ohakune in New Zealand. In this places people know the value of this vegetable and each of them has its own history here. It’s amazing how many various things you can see there that are made of carrots. So, carrot halwa and honey-glazed carrots are far not the only things that carrots can be used for.

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