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December 27, 2009

A-Z Vegetables

A-Z VegetablesWhen you cook vegetarian meals do you really know what all those vegetables are? Let’s look closer at them:

Artichoke – a tight head of fleshy leaves, delicious with lemon butter
Asparagus – tender green tips available during a short growing season
Aubergine - A rich purple vegetable that absorbs strong flavours well. The aubergine is called eggplant in America.
Beans – high protein seeds of legume plants
Beet – Tubers with rich nutty flavours. A sweet variety of beet is grown commercially in Europe and Asia for sugar manufacture.
Broccoli – green and delicious and full of vitamins
Brussels sprouts – traditionally eaten with Christmas Dinner in the UK
Cabbage – the king of vegetables. Easy to grow almost anywhere
Carrot – Introduced by the Romans, carrots have been popular for 2000 Years
Cauliflower – White relative of broccoli
Celeriac – a large knotted ball-like root vegetable which makes amazing nutty soups
Celery – Slightly bitter (unless blanched) European stalks with a distinctive flavour, used in salads, stews and soups.
Chard – green leafy vegetable
Chicory – bitter vegetable
Collards – This leafy green vegetable is also known as tree-cabbage and is rich in vitamins and minerals.
Corn – North American native vegetable considered sacred by many native tribes. Confusingly corn is also the word used to describe the seeds of wheat and barley.
Cress – small peppery sprouts

Please see D-Z list here.

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