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September 5, 2012

7 Reasons Why You Must Start Eating Kale Yesterday

kaleGreen vegetables are breaking onto the scene at an alarming rate. It’s as if we have suddenly woken up and decided to start getting healthy. It’s not just about fitting into smaller jeans or lifting cars with out bare hands. People actually want to eat the proper foods because they are sick fed up with putting horrible stuff inside their bodies. We now realize we will not live forever and a healthy diet of green vegetables will help us stay around for as long as possible.

And in amongst all the greens there is one that stands out above the rest. It’s not broccoli or lettuce. It’s actually kale, and although you have heard the name before I bet you didn’t know quite how good it is. Most other green vegetables will literally be put to shame. Let’s have a look at some great reasons why this must become a staple in your diet yesterday. 

It’s a great anti-inflammatory

It’s you eat too much acidic food it’s going to cause a lot more inflammation. If you didn’t know already, this is the number one cause of scary problems like heart disease, arthritis, and lots of autoimmune diseases. That’s not a good thing. All the animal products you eat will lead to this. Kale on the other hand is an alkaline vegetable. It means it can prevent illnesses and also reverse them.

Get some iron in you

Everyone likes to joke that vegetarians are anemic. This is pretty silly considering it’s just not true. In fact, there are lots of meat eaters with serious iron deficiencies. You will know all about it when you are too weak to get out of bed. Not that it’s going to happen, especially not when you eat kale because it has tons of iron. More per calorie than beef.

Drink your milk?

Calcium gives you strong bones. Don’t we know it, and it’s because the milk farmers keep on telling us. What they don’t tell us is that dairy also contains acid in the lactose. It’s a bit like going 2 steps forward and 1 step back. That acid will strip all the calcium off the bones. This is where kale steps in. It contains more calcium per calorie than milk and it doesn’t have any of the acid.

Lots of good omega fatty acids

Omega fatty acids are also very popular these days. You will always hear someone telling you to drink your fish oil. There’s nothing wrong with that. Fish is a great source of omega fatty acids, but so is kale. Lots of people don’t like oily fish so it’s the perfect thing to have in your diet.

Your fill of fiber

Most Americans don’t have enough fiber in their diets. Enough cakes, but not fiber. We all need it because it does the job of absorbing all the acidic foods we put down out throat. A lack of fiber has been linked to certain types of cancers and bowel problems. Have a serving of kale and you’re 5% closer to your daily intake of fiber.

Have a strong immune system

Carotenoid is great at boosting the immune system and it comes in high doses with kale. It’s also packed full of vitamin A. With all those acidic foods you eat, like meats and dairy products, it will cause a lot of toxicity in your body. You need something like kale to counteract this to leave your body in a healthy state.

It’s much more sustainable

One final thing that’s great about kale isn’t what it can do for your body, but what it can do for the enviroment. Kale can be grown in a few months, compared to a few years for beef. It’s easy to grow and can even be done at home. When you raise beef you have to feed and water the cows every day. You already know how great kale is compared to beef. It seems silly not having it in your diet.

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