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May 2, 2013

5 Most Delicious Carrot Dishes


There are many vegetables out there that boast a long list of benefits to human beings thanks to their minerals, nutrients, and other healthy compounds, and carrots rank as one of the best among them in many ways! If you need to get a fix of the orange stuff, do it in style; here are five of the most delicious carrot dishes:

1. Glazed Carrots


While their simplicity makes them great for a quick snack – you can eat them raw out of the ground, after all – it is the very crunchiness and general toughness of carrots that have people often shunning them in the name of less healthy snacks, but glazing your carrots via a quick boil can make all of the difference in the world, in all of taste, texture, and time!

2. Carrot Macaroni and Cheese

Recipes vary and exact ingredients necessarily follow, but a carrot macaroni and cheese dish really is just as simple as it sounds! Typically created by mixing shredded raw carrots throughout a macaroni and cheese dish before baking, there are some who prefer carrot chunks – morsels that promise to become soft and juicy in the oven. Either way, the dish manages to combine heavy cheese with healthy vegetables to great effect, making every bite a medley of both the garden, and the world’s favorite meal.

Besides being delicious, a carrot macaroni and cheese casserole also presents a great opportunity to pass a little vitamin C, beta carotene, and other healthy compounds into your meal without needing to “eat healthy” at all!.

3. Roasted Carrots

Roasting fresh carrots is another excellent way to tenderize them for easier eating, and the ability to throw in the spices of your choice when you do means that you can easily narrow the taste down to something you love with minimal effort!

4. Carrot Cake


It wouldn’t make sense to top off any such list with anything other than carrot cake, giving you a sweet end to a salty, delicious breakdown of the best carrot dishes ever! While there are many varieties of carrot cake, depending on the recipe that you choose to follow, each blends the veggie taste and texture of carrot with sweet cake and rich icing to great effect, making for a prime dessert following any meal.

5. Carrot Casserole with Cheese

Open to your own favorite interpretation, carrot and cheese casseroles are generally thickened up with bread crumbs, along with copious amounts of shredded carrots. Onions and celery are popular veggies to slice throughout, but the real taste comes from the dish’s second namesake: lots and lots of melted cheese!

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